Sometimes it’s the easiest way to make sense.

this site is a good example 😉

Only understable for portuguese ppl..

My favourite ones:

bules eye

Mel gibson


Changing a life?

I would like to update

Just a quick post… tomorrow exam 😉

for the last weeks my computer has shown this notification:

the thing is… I can only click “update later”.. buzzinga


Outdoor phone!


New outdoor add from a Portuguese mobile network let you make phone calls 😉 (only within tmn network)

yes, its a giant “touch” phone.. Nice if u run out of battery..

Criativity works!!

Mario bros wii

“Everybody has a date, even you Mario going after Princess Peach..

What I’m doing?? I’m just enabling you…”

Sheldon Cooper 😉



Couch2Couch is back to music 😉

Mirah – 7  out of 10 couches

I was impressed to listen to Mirah for the first time only last November once her first record dates from 1997.

I had quite some time to listen to it (exam period helped a lot) specially her older albuns:

first of all i must say I really like Mirah’s sweet sweet voice that has a lot of personality and drives each song it’s own way.

No doubt that “Cold Cold Water” is the song that best describes Mirah and crosses most of the different styles in her musics.

Across all albums you can find a lot of relaxing musics, my favorite is “Person Person”:

the unique problem is that sometimes the musics are driven a bit too far away and with some noisy background sounds, which is quite annoying, specially after a quite song.

All in all its a keeper in my ipod and I will take some more time to listen to all her records 😉

ah.. live preformance here:

Mark Zuckerberg

After the fuzz created by the film “social network” around facebook CEO, I took some time to see some interviews and videos starring Mark Zuckerberg.

there’s no more room for the sweaty/amazed teenager from 2008, instead ,as pointed out in the “60 minutes” interview we can see a non blinking teenager that clearly took some lessons and mesures every word spoken. Dough it sometimes even seem too much mesured and premeditated I really liked two “ideas” from the Web2.0 Summit this year (pretty much the reason for this post):

“If you do something that people love you will be allowed to make some mistakes” (not in exact same words)

Also another funny thing is related to this map:

from Marks point of view the failure in the map is that web2.0 has a lot more to be discovered which is not represented at all.. and people should waste their time rather looking for it than trying to conquer each other lands 😉

I quite agree with him 😉